Crossroads Alumni Network

Over the course of more than sixty years, Operation Crossroads Africa has attracted a unique group of people who can be found all over the world.  They are the alumni.  As a group they present an impressive profile of achievement and service. 

It is important to maximize the potential for networking among the alumni of Operation Crossroads Africa  as part of the process of developing support mechanisms for the ongoing work of Operation Crossroads Africa. 

Two tools are available to facilitate the networking process:

Join OCA Alumni group to share your stories and photos.

LinkedIn Group for Alumni
Connect with OCA Alumni

Alumni Information Form
The Alumni Information Form will help us update the database and connect with alumni around the globe.

Alumni hold a special place in the Operation Crossroads Africa family. Your participation is vital to the success of Operation Crossroads Africa, and we invite you to help strengthen and expand this program.

Get Involved!

  1. Go ahead and fill out the Alumni Information form.
  2. Support Operation Crossroads Africa.  There are so many ways you can help us continue this program.
    1. Volunteer to serve as an additional resource / mentor for current / future participants.
    2. Make a donation to the Annual Appeal.
    3. Help coordinate / host alumni events.
    4. Spread the Word! Serve as an ambassador for Operation Crossroads Africa.
    5. Recruit participants for the program.
    6. Help generate press.
    7. Establish connections between Operation Crossroads Africa and your organization / school.