How Much Does Participation Cost?

Operation Crossroads Africa is committed to moderate participation fees in order to ensure that as many people as possible may have the Crossroads experience. The participation fee is $3,800 for the Africa Program.

What Does the Fee Cover?

The participation fee covers your international airfare, orientation expenses, in-country transportation, in-country room and board, all scheduled program expenses, visa fees and travel insurance.  The participation fee does not include immunizations, individual transportation to orientation and personal items.

How to Raise the Money

The participation fee should not discourage anyone from participating in Operation Crossroads Africa.  If you make the commitment to participate, resources can usually be found to support you.

If you need to fundraise, the important thing is to get started as soon as possible and explore all the possibilities that are open to you.  The internet has fundamentally changed the fundraising picture and process. It can be an invaluable tool in fundraising efforts.  See FUNDRAISING FAQ’S at
On the other hand, some higher education institutions have programs to support their students’ participation in programs like Operation Crossroads Africa.

Each year, many participants raise their fee through steady, determined fundraising and hard work. Some raise their fee by soliciting the aid of college, community and religious groups that they are affiliated with directly or through a family member.  They hold auctions, bake sales, garage sales and benefits on their campuses and in their communities.

Successful fundraising requires a willingness on the applicants’ part to articulate a fundraising plan and to ask others for help.  Many successful applicants enlisted the help of relatives, friends and colleagues.  However, time is critical, and applicants who need to fundraise are encouraged to begin their efforts at least three months before departure in order to identify possible funding sources and map out a realistic fundraising plan. 

Crossroads does everything possible to assist those interested persons who are uncertain about their ability to pay the participation fee.   We provide fundraising ideas, contacts with others who have successfully raised their fee in the past and consistent encouragement in the process.  It is up to you, however, to initiate and undertake the fundraising process.

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